Meet Bridget

Our first picture of Bridget. She's about to dart back down the hall after one of the other cats.

Our first picture of Bridget. She's about to dart back down the hall after one of the other cats.

Meet Bridget. Everything about her is extreme. She’s extremely loving and extremely naughty. She’ll take lots of attention and work, but she’ll pay it back with lots and lots of love. And she needs a family of her own.

Bridget is about six months old. She lives in central North Carolina. She’s healthy, FIV/FeLV negative, spayed and has had all her shots for 2009.

Bridget’s first family surrendered her to us because she was biting and scratching. Since we’ve had her, we’ve only gotten a few minor scratches, and she always gives warning. She’ll probably get calmer as she ages, but Bridget’s forever home will have to be OK with occasional scratches. Households with small children will probably not be a good match.

Bridget loves playing with other cats. She interacts better with people when she can get her energy out playing with feline brothers and sisters. Her foster home has seven other cats, and she plays with them all. If there are not other cats in the home, she’ll need lots and lots of interactive play time with her people. Without it, she tries to play by biting and scratching at inappropriate times.

Bridget asks for lots of love. In her foster home, she likes to drape herself over people’s necks while they sit on the couch, and she sleeps in the bed, preferably on someone’s face or in someone’s hair. She likes to wash your face, nibble your chin, and give head-butts, all while purring very, very loudly. She’s a talker, and will tell you all about it if she thinks you need to pay attention to her. She is getting better at being told “no” and getting put down, but she still protests and sometimes tries to scratch when she doesn’t get her way.

Bridget is scared of boisterous dogs, but she’s smart and learns quickly, and would probably do OK in a dog household with some careful introductions and time to acclimate.

In Bridget’s dream home, she has other cats to play with, and some toys too. She lives indoors all the time. She gets to keep her claws (she’s fond of them). She goes to the vet whenever she feels under the weather and once a year for her check-up and vaccines. She gets to drape herself all over her owners, and sometimes, if she’s good, wash their ears in the middle of the night. And she gets to stay forever.


is this you

That flash is bright.

That flash is bright.

Choosing the next cat to pounce on

Choosing the next cat to pounce on

Bridget ponders her next move.

Bridget ponders her next move.

Adoption Application for Bridget.

Thank you for your interest in Bridget! We live in central North Carolina. If you live nearby and would like to be considered as a home for this cat, please read the “Meet Bridget” post carefully. Then copy and paste this application into and e-mail or word document, fill it out, and e-mail it to Thanks!


Name(s) and Age(s) of Adopter(s):


Phone Number:


Do all members of the household agree about adopting a cat?

Does anyone in your household have cat allergies or any other medical condition that might be aggravated by a pet?


Describe your home (apartment, mobile home, farm, house, rural, urban):

Landlord’s contact information, if applicable:

If you rent, may we contact your landlord to confirm that cats are allowed?

May we visit your home for a pre-adoption evaluation?

May we make one post-adoption visit to your home?

Is there anything else you’d like us to know about your home?


Please list any other pets in your household in the last ten years:



Spayed or Neutered?

Last rabies vaccine?

Last distemper vaccine?

On Heartworm Prevention?

Indoor/ Outdoor?

If any of your pets are not current on vaccines, please explain:

Have you ever declawed a pet? If so, why? If not, is it something you would consider?

Have you ever had to give up a pet? If so, why? What happened to the pet?
If you have or have had other pets, please provide the name and contact information for a veterinarian who can recommend you:

Please provide two other personal references who know you as a pet owner:

Is there anything else you’d like us to know about your pets?


Are you prepared to make a lifetime (15-20 year) commitment to Bridget?

Veterinary care, food and supplies for a cat cost hundreds to thousands of dollars every year. Emergency care or care for an ill or elderly pet can easily cost thousands of dollars at once. Are you prepared to financially care for a cat?

If there are children in the household, how much responsibility would they have for Bridget’s care?

How many hours a day would you spend with Bridget on an average day?

What drawbacks or problems do foresee if you adopt Bridget?

Please tell us why you would make a good forever home for Bridget.

After we receive your application, we may arrange for you to meet Bridget in person. After a visit, we ask for short waiting period before she travels to her adoptive home.

In lieu of an adoption fee, we will ask an $80 donation to Safe Haven for Cats.

THANK YOU for helping us find Bridget a good home.